All About Me...

hey. if we haven’t met yet, I’m Grace - welcome to my adventures. I'm pretty passionate about hiking, adventuring, travelling and seeing as much of the world as physically possible.


I only discovered the outdoors in 2018 when, at the age of 27 my friends were all settling down and the party scene had long lost its appeal and I started looking for things to fulfil me more. I'd always had a passion for travel (often solo due to friends not being available) and when I was abroad I would always search for the most scenic or picturesque spots or view points to explore. One time after returning from a solo trip to Switzerland I thought "why don't I do this when i'm at home?" - thus, Graces Adventures was born. I changed my instagram name, set myself a Mountain a Month challenge, spent £70 in Decathlon on beginners hiking kit and decided I would dedicate my free time to UK outdoor adventures.


I didn't quite know how much free time I was about to have on my hands... The pandemic hit and my work load diminished overnight. I took to heading out on local walks every day and then venturing further afield until every few days I was hiking in the Peaks or the Lakes or Wales, sharing my adventures on Instagram along the way. I couldn't get enough. My car was just about keeping up with the hundreds of miles I was racking up on it each week and my dog was wondering where home was.


I ended up climbing many more than 12 mountains that year as well as ticking off challenges such as a 35mile walk, a 10mile trail run, the Yorkshire 3 Peaks and the Edale Skyline. I realised I like pushing myself out of my comfort zone and seeing what I can achieve and feeling that sense of pride once I achieve it.


I had decided to take my camera along on my first Mountain a Month, thinking that I would film a little bit of each one to create a montage for myself at the end. As the hike ended up being slightly more eventful than expected (getting lost, running out of phone battery and ending up 10miles from my car!) I ended up filming a fair bit and having a mini video of my day which I put on YouTube to show friends, family and my 3 whole subscribers. I enjoyed the filming/editing process so decided I'd film all of my Mountain a Month hikes and, well, 30 videos and 18 months later, it got quite successful.


I love sharing my experiences as well as any advice, tips or wisdom I might pick up along the way and in addition to my Instagram and YouTube, this is a place I have created to share it all with you.


So go take a look around and I hope you feel inspired.

Grace x

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